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Artec Design provides all services needed to cover an electronic product‘s complete production cycle, from product idea to final product, all under the same roof. This includes conceptualization, electronic design, mechanical design, software development and manufacturing.


ePaper displays in Estonian National Museum

This year, Artec Design together with 3 + 1 Architects and E Ink has developed a system of over 600 E Ink displays to be used at the newly opened Estonian National Museum. The 32” signs will mainly provide information around the museum to guide visitors, while the smaller signs will be used to describe artifacts. The displays seamlessly blend into the museum environment, allowing pieces of art and artifacts to remain the main focal point, while aiding visitors gain a deeper appreciation for Estonian culture. Visitors can program their language of choice to get the useful information in their chosen language.

The implemented display system is easy to manage thanks to a web interface over which the site administrators can control the behaviour of the devices and the media files. The display devices connect to a back-end centralized management server via ethernet network (DHCP, HTTP, SNMP). Using Power Over Ethernet (POE) eliminates the need for multiple cables for providing power and data which also aids the museum in their everyday functioning.

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