Estonian National Museum E-Paper Displays

Artec Design developed and installed e-paper based signs to the Estonian National Museum. The system is based on our e-paper digital signage platform and uses E Ink display panels. The museum visitor ticket is RFID-enabled (ISO15693/NFC-5) and by scanning the ticket the visitor can change the media language. All 850+ displays are connected to one central management server to allow easy monitoring and configuring of the whole system. The devices are designed, manufactured and installed by Artec Design.


413ET68 Display Devices
217ET97 Display Devices with 1 Extension Screen
20ET312 Display Devices
135Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switches
120USB RFID Readers
1Central Management Server


ET68 device ET97 device ET312 device
Preparations One of 3 racks of network gear ET312 device ET68 devices Museum exhibition