Ticketing System

Ridango AS has selected Artec as hardware design provider for their Ticketing solutions.

For more information, please contact Ridango.

Ticket validators

Ticket validators are microcontroller-based user interface devices. All different versions of validators mount on one common mounting base, that allows easy replacement. The validators are connected via CAN-bus to ticketing controller device, that holds the database and performs the actual ticket validation operations.

Ticket validator DV15S Ticket validator DV15SE
Power 9-30V, overvoltage and reverse polarity protected
LCD 240×64 FSTN graphical
RFID ISO14443A/B, Mifare, ISO18092, EMV Contactless
Barcode 1D/2D barcode reader with illumination
Indication 4x RGB LEDs
User interface 4x touch sensitive buttons, buzzer
SAM sockets up to 4

Ticketing controllers

Ticketing controllers connect to validators and perform the ticketing operations. The ticketing controller is communicating with backend servers over 3G network; the ticketing data is periodically synchronized in both directions.

Ticketing controllers

Power 9-30V, overvoltage and reverse polarity protected
Communication GSM/3G/4G module with GPS
OS Linux or Android
Interfaces CAN, RS232, RS485, GPIO, Ethernet
USB 2x host (1 with charging), 1x device port
Audio 2ch out/in

USB communication hubs

USB communication HUBs are used in smaller installations to connect Android mobile devices to bus systems.

IO Hubs

Power 9-30V, overvoltage and reverse polarity protected
Modem GSM/3G/4G module with GPS
Interfaces CAN, RS232, RS485, GPIO, USB, Ethernet
Audio 2ch out/in

Ticket inspection device

The ticket inspection device is a rugged handheld device with NFC reader, 2D barcode scanner and ISO7816 smart card (Estonian ID-card) readers. It is running Linux OS. The device uses NFC to synchronize with bus ticket database via ticket validator on the bus.

Ticket inspection device