E-Paper Digital Signage Platform

Artec has developed an e-paper display based digital signage system. The system is ethernet-connected and the displays are managed by a central management server. Display devices integrate RFID card readers for local interaction. The displays have ethernet communication interface and are powered via PoE.

Display Devices

  ET68 ET97 ET312
  ET68 device ET97 device  ET312 device
Display 6.8″  E Ink Carta 9.7″ E Ink Pearl 32″  E Ink Pearl
Resolution 1440×1080, 264dpi 1200×825, 150dpi 2560×1440, 94dpi
Number of displays 1 1-3 1
Number of RFID readers 1 1-3 2
Connectivity 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet
Power 24V PoE 24V PoE 24V power supply

The display devices contain an internal flash storage for offline operation. The pre-rendered image content is uploaded from the server to the devices embedded HTTP server over REST API. The device sends operational data to server as SNMP TRAP messages.
Devices contain a local configurable sequence engine, that handles local events. Following rules in the configuration file, the sequencer coordinates the image update in response to card scans and timeouts.

Management Server

The display devices connect to a back-end centralized management server via ethernet network (DHCP, HTTP, SNMP). The server polls the device status periodically. Device RFID card scans are sent to server directly via SNMP for logging.
The server has a web interface. Over the web interface can site administrators manage the behaviour of the devices and the media files.

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