FlexyICE is discontinued since 2016!
Extended support is provided according to existing contracts

FlexyICE is an open source USB ROM emulator featuring LPC BUS header interface that connects to the target via an LPC header and to a host via USB.
FlexyICE board

ROM Emulation

Artec‘s FlexyICE supports ROM emulation of LPC memory device and LPC Firmware Hub memory device with configurable memory window sizes 1 MB or 4 MB. Area size configuration can be selected via LPC IO write cycles to port 0x88. Four such nonvolatile memory areas selectable by on-board jumpers.


To facilitate faster debugging of low level software, FlexyICE has two postcode capture modes: simple last postcode byte on integrated LED symbol display and full capture of all postcodes. When full capture mode is used the postcodes are sent as ASCII coded hexadecimal bytes over an integrated USB serial port to host PC.


FlexyICE has mini USB connector to read, write or erase all or part of the ROM image with provided python script supporting Linux and Windows operating systems.


FlexyICE functionality is implemented with a reconfigurable FPGA chip — this gives the user full control over all the features.


The range of features provided by FlexyICE, makes it suitable for different usage scenarios including: ROM emulator and debugger for software development, code ROM for factory initialization, code ROM for automated tests and easy to carry nonvolatile field update device.

Open Source

All software and FPGA firmware code is released under LGPL open source license and PDF of PCB board schematic is also provided for the end user to allow easy modification for user specific features.