Product Compliance & Certification

Many products require compliance testing or certification before they can be offered to customers in Europe and Northern America. Artec Design has acquired following regulatory approvals for developed products when requested by clients:

  • CE marking – indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.
  • FCC marking – indicates that an electronic product sold or manufactured in the United States is compliant to the standards set by the Federal Communications Commission.
  • RoHS compliance – shows that a product is compliant to the EU directive for restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Payment Terminal Certification

Artec Design has extensive knowledge of RFID and NFC systems dating back to early 2000s. Caused by the growing demand for contactless payment solutions, Artec Design has established in-house capabilities for developing EMV compliant payment terminals to process transactions using MasterCard and Visa schemes. These capabilities include electronics design, embedded software development, EMV contactless kernel integration, production and certification activities. This includes:

  • EMV Kernel Integration – in close partnership with NMI, contactless kernel is integrated and tested with the payment terminal firmware.
  • Dedicated Test Application Set – special test application set is developed and provided to certification authorities for testing the payment functionality according to EMVCo and payment scheme (Visa, MasterCard) requirements.

Key vendor certifications include:

  • EMV Level 1 – evaluates the electrical and mechanical aspects of reader hardware and covers the ISO 14443 (RFID) and ISO 18092 (NFC) protocols.
  • EMV Level 2 – evaluates the embedded software and the integration of a certified scheme specific EMV kernel (Visa, MasterCard) of the payment device.
  • PCI PTS – enforces physical and logical (software) security for the payment terminal.
  • PCI DSS – enforces security for cardholder data in the whole payment logic.
  • MasterCard TQM – validates design and manufacturing process for products that embed payment terminal (PCD). It requires ISO 9001 or equivalent as a prerequisite and is linked to a relevant EMVCo Level 1 contactless LoA.

The public ticketing system developed for one of our clients, Ridango, features contactless EMV payments that have been certified in full compliance with Visa and MasterCard requirements for Transit Terminals.